Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK with (menu, one hit, god mode)

March 20, 2023
App Name Dragon Ball Legends
MOD Info menu, one hit, god mode, unlimited crystals, money, all characters unlocked
Latest Version 4.17.0
Size 192 MB

Exciting matches with hit anime characters in Dragon Ball fighting:

Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK is an action-packed fighting game that offers exciting matches with hit anime characters. The game features a wide range of popular characters from the Dragon Ball universe, including Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Frieza, and many others. Players can choose their favorite characters and engage in intense battles with opponents from around the world. The game has stunning graphics and animations that bring the characters to life, making each battle feel like an epic anime showdown.

Meet powerful characters by using earn money to unlock:

One of the most exciting aspects of Dragon Ball Legends is the ability to unlock powerful characters by using in-game currency. Players can earn money by completing missions, winning battles, and participating in events. With this money, they can unlock new characters with unique abilities and skills. These characters range from popular heroes to infamous villains, and each has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Unlocking new characters is not only fun but also essential for building a strong team to face tougher opponents.

Easy one-handed control of characters suitable for different audiences:

It is designed to be accessible to players of all skill levels. The game features easy one-handed controls that are suitable for different audiences. Players can control their characters using swipe, tap, and ki energy recharge, making it easy to perform a wide range of moves and attacks. The game also has a tutorial mode that teaches players the basics of combat and how to use different character abilities. With these user-friendly controls, even beginners can quickly master the game and start winning battles.

Fierce battles for both experienced and new fighting game players:

Dragon Ball Legends offers fierce battles that are suitable for both experienced and new fighting game players. The game has a variety of modes, including story mode, mission mode, and player versus player mode. Each mode offers unique challenges and rewards, ensuring that players always have something new to do. Experienced players can test their skills against other skilled opponents, while new players can hone their skills and gradually build up their team’s strength.

Control characters with swipe, tap, and ki energy recharge:

An intuitive controls that allow players to control their characters with swipe, tap, and ki energy recharge. Players can perform a variety of moves and attacks by swiping their fingers across the screen. Tapping the screen allows them to unleash quick attacks, while ki energy recharge lets them charge up their special abilities. These controls are easy to learn but provide a lot of depth, allowing players to create their own unique fighting styles.

Dragon Ball Legends

Unleash character power through Art Cards on screen:

Dragon Ball Legends features an innovative combat system that uses Art Cards to unleash character power. These cards appear on the screen during battles and contain special abilities that can turn the tide of a battle. Players can use these Art Cards to perform devastating attacks, heal their characters, or power up their abilities. The Art Cards add a new layer of strategy to the game, requiring players to carefully manage their cards and choose the right time to use them.

Join missions or face other players with strong squads:

This game have a variety of modes, including missions and player versus player battles. In mission mode, players can team up with other players to complete missions and earn rewards. These missions offer unique challenges and require players to work together to succeed. In player versus player mode, players can face off against other players with strong squads. This mode is perfect for experienced players who want to test their skills against other skilled opponents.

Dragon Ball Legends

Summon powerful characters with stunning cutscenes to increase team strength:

Dragon Ball Legends have a unique feature that allows players to summon powerful characters to add to their team. Players can use in-game currency to purchase Summon Tickets or Chrono Crystals, which can be used to summon characters. When a player summons a character, the game treats them to a stunning cutscene that shows the character’s epic entrance. These cutscenes are beautifully animated and truly capture the essence of the Dragon Ball universe. The characters that players can summon range from fan-favorite heroes like Goku and Vegeta to infamous villains like Frieza and Cell. Each character has unique abilities and stats, making it essential to collect a diverse range of characters to build a strong team. As players progress through the game, they will encounter tougher opponents that require them to have a team with a high power level.